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Jazz Drum Loops Volume 2

Jazz Drum Loops Volume 2 is a meticulously crafted collection of rhythmic patterns and grooves that captures the essence and spirit of jazz drumming. Each loop in this volume features a complex interplay of swinging beats, syncopated rhythms, and dynamic accents that create a vibrant and immersive sonic experience.

Product Details:

Jazz Music Drum Loops Collection Volume 2

5100 WAV Studio Quality Drum Samples and Loops, Midi Files and Drum One Shots

5 GB download archives, 6.3 GB after unzip on your hard drive

The loops are performed by a skilled jazz drummer with a deep understanding of the genre, and the recording quality is pristine, with each element of the kit captured in rich detail. The drum kits used in this collection features a mix of traditional and modern elements, including a classic jazz ride cymbal, a snappy snare drum, and a warm, resonant kick drum.


Whether you're a producer looking for a foundation to build upon, a songwriter seeking inspiration, or a musician in need of authentic and expressive drum tracks, Jazz Drum Loops Volume 2 is the perfect choice.

With its diverse range of tempos, moods, and styles, this collection is sure to provide hours of creative inspiration and musical exploration.

Jazz Drum Loops Volume 2

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