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How to use xFer Serum Synth

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Serum is a virtual synthesizer instrument developed by Xfer Records. To use it, you will first need to purchase and download the software. Once you have it installed on your computer, you can open it as a plugin in your digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

The interface of Serum is divided into several sections, including the oscillator section, filter section, and effects section. Each section allows you to shape and customize the sound of the synthesizer.

To start, you can select a preset sound from the preset browser or create your own sound by adjusting the parameters in the oscillator section. You can also use the filter section to shape the sound further and add effects such as reverb and delay in the effects section. Here are the basic steps to using Serum:

  1. Open the software

  2. Choose a preset or create your own sound using the oscillators, filters, and effects.

  3. Use the modulation matrix to add movement to your sound.

  4. Use the built-in effects such as distortion, reverb, and delay to add depth and dimension to your sound.

  5. Play your sound using a MIDI controller or record it into your DAW.

It's recommended to go through the manual or watch some tutorials to get familiar with the interface and features to make most out of this powerful synth.

Once you have your sound set up, you can use your DAW to record and play back your music. Serum also has a built-in MIDI learn feature, which allows you to easily map the synth's parameters to a MIDI controller for more expressive performances.

Overall, learning to use Serum synth requires some time and practice, but once you are familiar with the interface and the various parameters it offers, you will have a powerful tool for creating rich and dynamic sounds. We have a HUGE selection of Serum Soundbanks and Serum Presets in our store, here

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