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275 Vital Synth Presets + 401 Wavetables

Hey everyone, your favourite producer here, bringing you the ultimate toolkit for any serious producer—Quantum Vital Presets + 401 WaveTables! This beast of a pack is loaded with 275 top-notch presets and an insane 401 custom wavetables. Trust me, this is all you need to ignite your tracks across any genre.


We're talking every style here—EDM, chillout, ambient, cinematic vibes, trap, house, trance, techno drill, and even hip hop. This collection is a game-changer for anyone ready to take their sound to the next level.


Inside, you'll find everything from deep, thunderous basses to crystal-clear leads, sharp plucks, vibrant pianos, rich pads, dynamic FX, and mood-setting atmospheres. I’ve personally tweaked some of these to make sure they’re club-ready for you.

Plus, we've thrown in some killer presets from the Vital community. They’re all about quality and innovation, and of course, they're all royalty-free. So you can use them in your tracks, no strings attached.


🎵 Push your limits with the tools in Quantum Vital Presets + 401 WaveTables! From deep and complex soundscapes to those banging club tracks, these sounds are designed to make your productions stand out. 🎶


Remember: You'll need the free Vital synth to play these presets.


🔹 What’s in the Pack:

  • Basses: Get ready for bass that shakes the floor.
  • Leads: Lead lines that cut through any mix.
  • Plucks: Instant hooks with every note.
  • Pianos: Keys that range from classical to modern.
  • Pads: Layers that bring depth to your tracks.
  • FX: Twists and turns to spice up transitions.
  • Atmospheres: Set the tone right from the start.


🎹 Jump into the studio with Quantum Vital Presets + 401 WaveTables! and let's make some noise together. See you at the top of the charts! 🎧

Quantum Vital Presets + 401 WaveTables

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$9.45Sale Price