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Energy Decade Serum Presets Pack

We are excited to present the ultimate tool for your production arsenal - the Energy Decade Serum Presets Pack. This isn't just any preset collection; it's a dynamic assembly of 340 high-quality presets, designed to electrify your tracks and keep the club hopping all night long.

Just a heads up, to fully harness the Energy Decade Serum Presets, you'll need to have your own copy of the xfer Serum synth software VST. Remember, the synth itself isn’t included in this pack - only the killer presets ready to supercharge your productions.

Here’s what you’re getting in this explosive pack:

  • 3 Arps - Spin intricate sonic patterns that move perfectly with your rhythm 🎹.
  • 100 Basses - From deep, earth-moving lows to punchy electro hits, these basses are engineered to rock the dance floor 🔊.
  • 30 Chords - Spark emotions with each chord, adding layers of complexity to your music 🎶.
  • 28 Keys - Play some smooth lines or vibrant vibes with a variety of expressive keys 🔑.
  • 71 Leads - Lead the way with these bold and striking leads, cutting through the mix 🚀.
  • 25 Pads - Create the perfect atmospheric backdrop with lush, expansive pads 🛋️.
  • 33 Plucks - Energize with sharp, dynamic plucks that instantly grab your listeners' attention 🎸.
  • 49 Synths & FX - Advance your sound design with state-of-the-art synths and effects that defy conventions 🎛️.

Every preset in this bank is royalty-free, giving you the freedom to use them in your tracks without any limitations.

No matter if you're taking over the EDM scene or crafting fresh electronic vibes, the Energy Decade Serum Presets are your essential tools for creating standout sounds. Let's make some noise and leave a lasting impact on the soundscape! Let's crush it! 🌟

Energy Decade Serum Presets Pack

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$7.20Sale Price