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Brutal Drum and Bass Drum Loops Vol. 2

Brutal Drum and Bass Drum Loops Vol. 2 is a must-have sample pack for any producer or musician looking to create hard-hitting, aggressive drum and bass tracks. Featuring a massive collection of expertly crafted loops, this pack delivers the intense sound and energy that is characteristic of  drum and bass music.

Each sample in this collection is recorded at studio quality, with a keen attention to detail and an emphasis on delivering a dynamic and aggressive sound. The loops feature a range of tempos, from slow and moody to fast and frenetic, with each beat characterized by thunderous kicks, driving snares, and intricate, syncopated hi-hat patterns.

Included in this pack: 

Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 2

6000 WAV Studio Quality Drum Loops and Samples

5 GB download archives, 6 GB after unzip on your hard drive

With its massive collection of top-quality samples, this pack is sure to become an indispensable tool in your music production arsenal.

This aggressive Drum and Bass Drum Sample Pack is the perfect tool for producers and musicians looking to create high-energy, intense drum and bass tracks.

Brutal Drum and Bass Drum Loops Vol. 2

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price