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Dark Night Pads and Atmos

Scary movies have a great thing in common, the sounds, the music, the FX and atmosphere that is 90% created with such packs like Dark Night Pads and Atmos.

Inside you will find great inspiration to create Cinematic, Movie and Thriller tracks and songs. 
Our pads and atmospheres are carefully created to mix with your other tracks like a piano or synth.

Inside this pack you have 256 Sound Effects, Great FX, Filmscore Samples, Trailer Sounds:

50 Drones

7 Dark Drones
28 FX Risers & Sweeps

40 Pads 

30 Cine Impacts

69 FX Effects

32 Trailer Sounds
Various Filmscore Samples

Total size of the library is 1.1GB

Dark Night Pads and Atmos

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price