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Drum and Bass Evolution Samples Pack

If you are a drum and bass producer, you will love Drum and Bass Evolution Samples Pack.

It has more than 3000 samples and 6Gb of content that cover all the essential elements of the genre. You can find DnB Bass Loops, Reese, Aggressive Kicks and Snares and more in this pack. 


This pack will help you make drum and bass tracks that are dynamic, atmospheric and modern. You can mix and match different sounds to create your own style. Whether you need hard-hitting drums, deep basses, lush pads or catchy melodies, this pack has it all.

The quality of the samples in this pack is truly astonishing, with every sound perfectly suited for creating intense and hard-hitting drum and bass tracks. From the menacing basslines to the thunderous kicks and snares, every sound in this pack is designed to get the dancefloor moving.

In addition to the bass and drums, this pack also includes a variety of other sounds, including haunting atmospheres, razor-sharp synth stabs, and ominous FX. With so many samples to choose from, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

Drum and Bass Evolution Loops Pack is a must-have for any drum and bass producer who wants to take their music to the next level. It contains more than 3000 samples and 6Gb of content that span across various subgenres of drum and bass, such as liquid, neurofunk, jungle and more.

Drum and Bass Evolution Samples Pack

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