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Essential Piano Presets Pack for Vital (Free Vital Presets)

The amazing Essential Ultra Piano Presets for Vital is a great selection of FREE Immersive Vital Presets, specially designed for your audio synths arsenal! You will find inside huge piano patches for almost all musical genres available today!

Featuring 10 extremely quality presets, you’ll be sorted for all of your Ambient, Downtempo, EDM, Cinematic, Urban and Hip Hop/Trap needs. Also suitable for Dubstep, DnB, House and Techno producers.

We also included 1500 Midi files, suitable for Ambient, Downtempo and Cinematic genres.


And the best part, everything is FREE TO DOWNLOAD!  Just purchase it from here, you will receive download link after checkout (don't worry, product is free)

Contents of the ULTRA Piano Presets 'Essential' for Vital:

Bright Key

Bring Piano Back!

Distant Bell Key

Electric Piano Muted

Marimba Piano

Organ Piano Double

Pad Piano

Pulse Piano

Super Dreamy Piano

Universe Bell

This versatile pack includes 10 Piano Free Vital presets, ready to download.


Featuring dream pianos, ethereal keys, and a host of other unique sounds, each preset in this collection is a masterful blend of captivating tones, haunting textures, and immersive atmospheres. No matter if you're producing ambient music, cinematic scores, or even pop tracks, these presets will give your music the extra dimension it needs to truly stand out.


From delicate and introspective to powerful and awe-inspiring, Essential Vital Piano Presets offers an expansive range of sounds that will inspire you to create music that moves and inspires. Each preset is delivering a rich and authentic sound that will make your tracks come to life.


With its powerful and expressive sounds, this collection is sure to become an indispensable tool in your music-making arsenal.

Essential Piano Presets Pack for Vital (Free Vital Presets)