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Moombahton Expedition Audio Samples

Moombahton Expedition, a comprehensive sample pack designed to transport you into the vibrant world of Moombahton music. With an extensive collection of 613 samples and a whopping 1.14GB of content, this pack is a treasure trove of creative possibilities for producers of all levels.

Every sample contains BPM and Key information, enabling you to expedite music creation by selecting the appropriate BPM and Key for your tracks.

Key Features of Moombahton Expedition:

  • 10 Construction Kits: Dive into the creative process with 10 meticulously crafted construction kits that provide a solid foundation for your tracks. Each kit includes drum loops, moombahton basslines, infectious leads, captivating vocals, enchanting pianos, and more.

  • Drum Loops: Add energy and groove to your productions with a wide range of professionally produced drum loops. From punchy kicks to snappy snares and rhythmic percussion, these loops are the backbone of any Moombahton track.

  • Moombahton Bass: Get ready to make the ground shake with powerful and deep moombahton bass samples. These basslines will give your tracks the necessary drive and impact to make the crowd move.

  • Leads: Add catchy and melodic elements to your compositions with a selection of captivating lead sounds. From vibrant synth melodies to expressive instrumental leads, these samples will help your tracks stand out.

  • Vocals: Inject emotion and soul into your productions with professionally recorded vocal samples. Explore a range of catchy hooks, energetic shouts, and unique vocal chops that will instantly grab the listener's attention.

  • Pianos: Elevate your melodies with enchanting piano samples. Whether you're looking for delicate chords or intricate melodies, these pianos will add depth and emotion to your tracks.

  • One Shots: Expand your sonic palette with a variety of one-shot samples. From drums and percussion to synths and FX, these versatile sounds are perfect for adding unique elements and accents to your compositions.

Moombahton Expedition is a must-have sample pack for any producer looking to create infectious and energetic Moombahton tracks. With its vast array of high-quality samples and versatile construction kits, this pack unlocks a world of creativity and provides all the necessary tools to make your tracks shine.

Moombahton Expedition Audio Samples