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Space Age

Ideal for any music genre using soundscapes, for scores and sound design, also suitable for modern pop and electronic.

Pads and Atmos are the foundation, the glue that hold everything together. Play them under any music or element that you’d like. They’ll bring a warmth, depth and fullness that is hard to describe, but you know is there.

This library of unique sounding loops offers a variety of sounds that go well with any genre but is created with Cinematic, Chillout, Ambient and Movie Trailer genres in mind.

335 Audio Cinematic and Ambient Samples included:

11 Bass Heavy Drones 90Bpm-Minor
15 Bass Heavy Drones 100 Bpm-Minor
40 Chill Atmos
34 Dark Atmospheres 60 BPM
30 Dark Bassy Atmospheres 90 BPM
35 Drones 90 Bpm-Major
30 Drones 100 Bpm-Major
15 FX Cinematic
15 Huge_Impacts
20 Light Atmo 90 BPM
25 Light Atmo__60 BPM
50 Light Drones
15 Pads Long

Huge space pads, drones and intergallactic atmospheres, all included in this Ultra Samples Audio new sample pack. Total size of the library: 2.8GB

Space Age

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price