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The Techno Rift!

Techno Rift Sample Pack: Enter a realm of sonic invention with this precisely constructed sample library, which includes a staggering total of 1615 samples and loops, each specifically created to electrify your musical journey.

With a library size of 2.16GB, this collection is a goldmine of sound ready to take your song to the next level.  BPM and Key information are included for faster and more convenient song composition.

Techno Rift Sample Pack is a diverse powerhouse that defies categorization. While designed primarily for Techno and Minimal genres, it adapts to a wide range of electronic music styles, including House, Tech, Slap House, and even the high-energy area of EDM. If you're a beginner producer or an experienced artist, these top-tier samples open up a world of creative possibilities.

The Techno Rift Sample Pack is your ticket to an audio adventure. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of tunes curated for your convenience, including:

  • 20 Techno Claps: Infuse rhythmic punch into your compositions.
  • 20 Techno Pad Loops: Surround your audience with lush, atmospheric textures.
  • 20 Techno Vox Loops: Elevate your music with ethereal vocal elements.
  • 30 Techno Atmos Loops: Infuse your tracks with evocative ambient layers.
  • 30 Techno Kicks: Establish formidable foundations for your beats.
  • 40 Techno Tops: Craft intricate percussive patterns and grooves.
  • 44 Techno FX Samples: Inject dynamic transitions and effects.
  • 60 Techno Bass Loops: Provide a robust low-frequency foundation.
  • 60 Techno Full Groove Loops: Effortlessly drop fully developed grooves into your projects.
  • 65 Techno Percussion Loops: Add intricate rhythms and layers to your compositions.
  • 78 Techno Texture Loops: Create depth and atmosphere with textured elements.
  • 105 Techno Synth Loops: Craft melodious hooks and enchanting leads.
  • 156 Techno Melody Loops: Ignite your compositions with captivating melodies.
  • 385 Techno Drum Loops: Accele