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Chillout Dreamer (Free Samples Pack)

Chillout Dreamer (Free Samples Pack) is a new collection of Key Labelled and BPM Labelled samples and loops from Star Samples Audio

Inside Chillout Dreamer pack we have:
90 BPM Drum Loops and Samples
90 BPM Pad Samples and Loops
90 BPM Synth Loops
90 BPM Vocal Samples
FX Samples and Loops (One Shot and Loops)
120_BPM Drum Loops and Samples
120_BPM Pad Samples and Loops
120_BPM Synth Loops
120_BPM Vocal Samples

500MB of Ambient/Chillout samples and loops that are often used by music producers, composers, and sound designers as building blocks for creating ambient tracks or adding atmosphere to other types of music.

They can be used in a variety of ways, such as to create rhythm, add depth, or to evoke a particular mood or emotion. We like to become popular source for ambient samples and loops including sample libraries, synthesizer plugins, and dedicated sample packs. 


Chillout music creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Its slow tempo and mellow beats help to reduce stress and tension, while its soft melodies and sounds provide a soothing background that can enhance one's mood.

People often listen to chillout music as background music when working, studying, or just unwinding after a long day.

This type of music is also used for meditation and yoga practices, as it helps to create a peaceful and meditative state of mind.

Chillout Dreamer (Free Samples Pack)