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Cinematic Samples: Voyages

Cinematic Samples: Voyages: Explore the vast realms of film and orchestral sound with our comprehensive Cinematic Samples: Voyages collection. This extensive pack comes with over 5501 WAV samples and a sizable 12GB+ library, providing top-notch soundscapes perfect for any production.

Compatible with all major DAWs and designed for both Windows and Apple systems, this collection is entirely royalty-free, offering you the freedom to innovate without limits.

Collection Overview:

  • Arps Voyage: 66 captivating arpeggio loops
  • Bass Voyage: 266 vibrant and powerful bass lines
  • Choir Voyage: 93 chilling choir samples
  • Cinematic Downtempo Voyage: 687 samples that blend tranquility with cinematic depth
  • Cinematic Hits Voyage: 202 impactful cinematic strikes
  • Cinematic Kit Voyage: 105 diverse cinematic tools
  • Construction Kits Voyage: 97 ready-to-go music blocks for quick composition
  • Drum Loops Bundle Voyage: 949 rhythmic drum patterns
  • Guitar Voyage: 56 expressive guitar samples
  • Harp Voyage: 216 delicate harp tones
  • Movie FX Bundle Voyage: 412 unique sound effects for cinematic enhancement
  • Orchestral & Cinematic Voyage: 627 samples featuring orchestral splendor
  • Pads Voyage: 221 serene, atmospheric pads
  • Percussion Voyage: 28 foundational percussion sounds
  • Pianos Voyage: 201 emotive piano samples
  • Synths Voyage: 251 sweeping synth melodies
  • Vocals Voyage: 234 diverse vocal samples, from singing to atmospheric effects
  • Woodwinds Voyage: 881 woodwind samples for soft and classical music textures

Cinematic Samples: Voyages is the ultimate resource for crafting exquisite, high-quality cinematic soundtracks and enhancing your musical projects with exceptional clarity and emotional resonance.

Perfect for filmmakers, sound designers, and music producers aiming to bring a touch of professional audio to their creative endeavors.

Cinematic Samples: Voyages

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