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FM8 is Back! Vol. 2 - NI FM8 Presets Download

Discover the latest essential for FM8 synthesizer fans: FM8 is Back! Vol. 2 for the FM8 Native Instruments Synthesizer, now available as a free samples presets pack on

This outstanding collection features 20 top-notch presets, each created to ignite your creativity and advance your music production. Utilizing the full potential of the FM8 synthesizer, these presets offer a broad spectrum of unique textures and sounds, effortlessly blending into any musical project. 🎹✨

The pack includes an array of sounds, from lush pads and intricate leads to powerful basses and atmospheric textures. These presets open up a world of sonic possibilities, inspiring you to push the boundaries of your creativity. They are simple to add to your FM8 synth browser, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


FM8 is Back! Vol. 2 is a collection of great classic sounds; also it's an opportunity to explore new sonic landscapes and potentially redefine your musical style. 🎶

Visit today to discover how the FM8 is Back! Vol. 2 pack can help your music production with the FM8 synthesizer from Native Instruments. Don't miss this chance to expand your musical horizons! 🎧🎼

FM8 is Back! Vol. 2 - NI FM8 Presets Download