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Impacts and Hits FX Collection

Our "Impacts and Hits FX Collection" – a game-changing FX samples pack studio designed to bring your music to life! Go in a vast realm of possibilities with an expansive 3.4GB of studio-quality content, featuring a staggering 1477 FX Samples that promise to redefine your sound.

Key Highlights:

  • 45 FX Bonus Risers: Elevate your tracks with anticipation using 45 exclusive bonus risers, each crafted to perfection.
  • Diverse Hits and Impacts: Unleash the power of 615 FX Hits and 739 FX Impacts, carefully divided into two parts for maximum flexibility.
  • Total Creativity: From FX Hits Part 1 to FX Impacts Part 2, this collection is a comprehensive toolkit for every facet of your music production.


  • 3.4GB Studio Quality: Immerse yourself in pristine sound quality, carefully curated for professional use.
  • 1477 FX Samples: An extensive collection that caters to all your sonic needs, ensuring every beat is extraordinary.
  • DAW Compatibility: Seamless integration with all major DAWs and hardware supporting the WAV format.

10 Examples (Comma Separated):

  • EtherealRise, PowerHit1, CyberImpact, SubsonicHit, TensionRiser,
  • GlitchyHit, ThunderImpact, CosmicRiser, DistortedHit, MetallicImpact,
  • SonicBoomRiser, OrganicHit, AlienImpact, ReverseRiser, GranularHit.

Crafted for producers, by producers, the "Impacts and Hits FX Collection" is your gateway to a world of sonic innovation. Enhance your music, captivate your audience, and make every beat count.

Don't miss out on the next evolution in sound – bring your compositions to life with this groundbreaking FX collection today!

Impacts and Hits FX Collection

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$4.75Sale Price