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Movie Clips! Cinematic Samples Pack

Movie Clips! (Cinematic Samples Pack) is a new collection of Key Labelled and BPM Labelled samples and loops from Star Samples Audio

Inside Movie Clips! pack we have:

14 80bpm_Percussion Loops
19 90bpm_Percussion Loops
14 Bass Loops 80bpm G
10 Bass Loops 90bpm C
21 Drum Loops 90bpm
82 FX Samples
135 Hit Impacts
15 Pad Loops 80bpm Am
15 Vocals 80bpm F

In total, 325 audio files, 527MB of Cinematic/Movie samples and loops that are often used by music producers, composers, and sound designers as building blocks for creating cinematic tracks or adding atmosphere to other types of music.

Cinematic loops are audio samples or segments that can be used to create soundtracks for films, videos, games or other media. They are often designed to evoke specific emotions or moods and are a valuable tool for adding depth and atmosphere to a soundtrack.

We offer you Star Samples Movie Clips!, a great collection of cinematic and movie samples and loops, with 325 files and total size of 527MB, you will sure find some great inspiration here!

Movie Clips! Cinematic Samples Pack

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price