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POP Vocal One Shots Collection
Making great POP, RnB or even Soul Tracks couldn’t be easier when you’re fully loaded with the latest POP Vocal One Shot Samples Pack.

Great High-quality, fascinating POP Vocal One Shot samples that will be heard in your speakers and add some Love and voices to your productions! This “POP Vocal Oneshot Pack” is the greatest addition to your Pop, RnB and Soul samples arsenal. 1500 WAV vocal shots of pure POP Premium Samples!

The collection includes over 1500 samples, POP Vocal samples, POP Voice Shouts, FX Voices, Shouts, chants, phrases and tons more.. the magic is all inside! Buy now and let these vocal one shots and phrases spark creative ideas for your next musical project or beat!

Here’s what you can expect with ‘POP Vocal One Shot Pack’:

Yeah Samples
Oh Samples
Vocal Chops
Old Voices
Various Screams
Small Phrase Shots
Great addition for your drum kits
Fantastic voice shots for your beats

Get these HOT POP Samples now! Includes a vast collection of one shot sounds to use on your DAW, MPC sampler, or even NI Maschine or Ableton

POP Vocal One Shots Collection

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price