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Retro Drums Kicks and Snares
Great High-quality, retro sounding drums and best Retro 80's related beats & sound pack for producers, is right here. This “Retro 2600 Drums Collection” is the greatest addition to your Synthwave, 80's and Retro samples arsenal.

Total of 7 GB of pure Retro and 80's Premium Drum Loops and Samples! 
The collection includes over 2600 samples, Retro Drum Loops, Italo Disco style Drum Loops, Hi Hat loops for Retrowave, FX and Snare Loops and many more different styles of 80's sounds like Toms, Tops and Percussion loops.  Great for making your own drum tracks!

You have the complete studio samples needed to create a huge beat or song, completely from scratch.

Here’s what you can expect with ‘Retro 2600 Drums Collection’:
Thousands of Drum Loops
Kick Loops
Percussion Samples
FX Samples
Snare Loops
Drum Top Loops
Retro and 80's styles, covered 100%!
Don’t delay, purchase today!
Includes a vast collection of one shot sounds to use on your MPC sampler, or even NI Maschine or Ableton

Retro Drums Kicks and Snares

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.60Sale Price