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Sound Loops 35 EDM Samples

Introducing Sound Loops 35 EDM Collection, the ultimate arsenal of sound samples for producers looking to create electrifying electronic dance music. With a massive 7GB of high-quality content and 3330 loops, samples, FX audio files, chords, pianos, bass, drum loops, percussion, and one-shots, this collection is packed with everything you need to bring your music to life.

Included Samples:
35 Pads42 Pianos!

125 Vocal Samples

300 Bass House

300 Bass One Shots

300 EDM Chords

387 Drum Loops

1400 Bass Loops for EDM

400 Drum Loops

2400 World of Percs!

641 Kick OneShots

From thundering basslines to explosive drum beats, from atmospheric chords to captivating pianos, and from hypnotic percussion to mesmerizing one-shots, Sound Loops 35 has it all. Every sound has been expertly crafted and professionally produced to ensure maximum authenticity and quality.


This collection is perfect for producers of all skill levels, whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the world of electronic dance music. With so many sounds to choose from, the possibilities are endless. No matter if you're creating techno, house, trance, or any other genre of EDM, Sound Loops 35 has the perfect sounds to bring your vision to life.


So what you wait? Take your music to the next level with Sound Loops 35 EDM Collection. Order now and start creating music that will keep your fans dancing all night long!

Sound Loops 35 EDM Samples

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$3.60Sale Price