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Trap Rebirth Synths Pack!

Trap Rebirth Synths Sample Pack! 🎵


Are you in pursuit of crafting those chart-topping trap, hip-hop, and electronic beats that truly set you apart from the rest? Look no further than the "Trap Rebirth Synths Sample Pack." This formidable collection offers an arsenal of over 2000 top-tier WAV drum samples and loops, designed to ignite your creative sparks and help you forge tunes with genuine impact. 🚀


What Awaits You:

Discover an expansive array of over 2000 studio-grade WAV drum samples and loops. Each sample within this collection has been meticulously crafted to deliver impeccable studio-quality sound, instantly elevating the caliber of your productions.


Embark on your journey to auditory brilliance with a substantial 4 GB download archive. This archive serves as your creative playground, inspiring you and raising the bar for your musical endeavors.

Once you unzip this archive onto your hard drive, the "Trap Rebirth Synths Sample Pack" blossoms into a vast 4.5 GB sonic utopia.


This extended library caters to your creative desires, offering an extensive palette of sounds to fuel your next masterpiece.


We recognize that creativity knows no patience, and when the muse strikes, you need swift action. That's precisely why we offer lightning-fast same-day delivery. Immediately after your purchase, the download link will land in your inbox, enabling you to dive into your musical journey without delay.


In-Depth WAV Samples:

40 Synth FX Risers: Infuse your tracks with dramatic tension and exhilaration.

48 100bpm Synths: Craft mesmerizing and groovy rhythms at a steady 100 BPM.

96 120bpm Synths: Explore a world of musical possibilities at the versatile 120 BPM.

164 140bpm Synths: Dive deep into the realms of trap and electronic music with these dynamic 140 BPM synths.

313 Synth One Shots: Precision tools for creating melodies and hooks that resonate.