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Ultra Samples Vital Presets Volume 4 (Free 60 Vital Presets)

Ultra Samples Vital Presets Volume 4 - a remarkable collection of 60 high-quality audio presets meticulously designed for the Vital synthesizer.

This exceptional package encompasses a wide range of essential sounds, including:

  • Bass Presets: Unleash powerful and rumbling basslines that will energize your tracks, adding depth and impact to your music.

  • 808: Experience the legendary punch and subsonic presence of the iconic 808 sound, perfect for modern genres like hip-hop, trap, and EDM.

  • Pads: Immerse yourself in a sea of mesmerizing atmospheres and celestial textures, ideal for creating captivating and ethereal soundscapes.

  • Pianos and Keys: Elevate your melodies with a selection of expressive pianos and vibrant keys that will add warmth and character to your compositions.

  • Leads: Command attention with an array of dynamic lead sounds, ranging from soaring and melodic to edgy and cutting, enabling you to take your melodies to new heights.

  • Arps: Ignite your creativity with rhythmic and pulsating arpeggiated sequences that will inject infectious energy and movement into your music.

Ultra Samples Vital Presets Volume 4 is a must-have resource for producers, sound designers, and music enthusiasts alike. Each preset has been painstakingly designed to deliver pristine audio quality and to inspire your artistic endeavors.

The best part? This impressive collection of 60 high-quality Vital presets is completely free of charge, ensuring that you can dive into creating your next masterpiece without any financial barriers.

Unleash your creativity, enhance your productions, and explore new sonic possibilities with Ultra Samples Vital Presets Volume 4. Download it now and let your music soar to new heights!

Ultra Samples Vital Presets Volume 4 (Free 60 Vital Presets)